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About WordPress How-Tos

Welcome to WordPress How-Tos.

This is a how-to website dedicated to WordPress and al the ins and outs that are associated with it. WordPress is one of the easiest to use blogging and CMS systems out there, but not everyone is tech savvy. This website was first created with my website clients in mind: a place where they could go to learn how to add pages, posts and galleries to their site without my assistance. I quickly realized that this would be useful for everyone – not just my clients – but anyone who needed help getting WordPress to do what they wanted.

I also realized many of my clients and friends who were trying WordPress didn’t understand a lot of the terminology associated with it as well as some of the simple things you could do with WordPress in general.

This site is written with the amateur user in mind, but can be used by anyone. Many guides I have found, in the past, were written with an expectation that you knew how to do something by the time they got to the part that you’re wanting to learn how to do. I realize that that is not the case and many people are like me – learning as they go and need a place to reference how to do certain parts before the next more complex part.

Guides will be written with this in mind. If a guide is for advanced users and references something taught in a previous tutorial, that tutorial will be linked to at the very beginning of the advanced tutorial so people can use that to get to that point in the article. I will try to link to advanced tutorials from the beginner and intermediate ones as well, but they may be missed from time to time.

The site will be launching with written tutorials with screenshots. I will be adding videos to the site in the future, as I have time to record them.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to use the links above to get in contact with me, or message me at my author page on Facebook.

This site is not endorsed or owned by or and is completely independent from WordPress as an entity.

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