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As a freelancer who works with clients at varying range of technical experience and WordPress experience, I have learned that there are people who take a look at the WordPress backend and their eyes gloss over because it’s overwhelming and they aren’t sure where to start. I have also learned that there are some people who know way more than I know, but still need help fixing things they don’t know much about.

One of my biggest pet peeves with most problem solving sites for WordPress is that they assume you already know how to do everything except that one thing you’re trying to do. Often times, that’s not the case and I want a guide from start to finish.

Our guides are written with the range of experience in mind. Whether you are completely new to WordPress or experienced, we will go through everything step-by-step. This allows people who don’t know how to get to certain things or just want a detailed guide on how to fix one thing to find instructions on how to do so. It also allows those with experience to skip the first few instructions and jump to the part they need to find.

Guides will eventually have videos associated with them. If you are like me, you ma watch a video to see how it’s done, but still want written instructions to refer to when you’re in the middle of doing the project. Or you may just not like videos and prefer written tutorials with screenshots.  I plan to provide both if possible – videos will just come after the written tutorials are done.

Guides are broken into four categories:

You can access any of the guides by clicking on the links above or mouse over the drop menu item “Guides” above and the options should appear as a drop down menu.

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