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Wednesday Words: Blogging Types

Wednesday Words: Blogging Types

The past few weeks we’ve focused on definitions related to blog and this week is no different. Today we look at the different types of blogging out there, some of which can be done with WordPress, some of which is easier to do with other platforms, but can be archived or promoted with WordPress blogs.


These two terms are basically the same thing, just a different platform. Live-blogging/live-tweeting is blogging or tweeting about a particular event (football game, t.v. show, writing a novel, etc.) as it happens in real-time instead of writing them after the fact.

Most of these blog posts (or tweets) are short commentary as things happen. Recent popular live-tweeting events have been the Presidential debates and The Walking Dead (pro-tip, if you aren’t watching the Walking Dead live, don’t follow the tweeters and bloggers as you may get spoilers).

Live-blogging and live-tweeting is a great way to get followers if you are attending an event specific to your brand. It gets you coverage and gives you coverage and posts for people to retweet. You can also live-tweet about topics that are important to your brand.

Keep in mind, Live-blogging/tweeting happens as things occur, so you have to be prepared to set aside time during the event to make it happen, otherwise it can quickly flop.


Microblogging is the opposite of blogging, which consist of relatively long posts.  Microblogging is really short blog posts expressed via text, images or video. Microblogging’s appeal is both its immediacy and portability because posts can be written or received with a variety of devices, including cell phones. Twitter and Tumblr are two great examples of microblogging.  There’s even a site dedicated to Microblogging called complete with a newsletter and podcast about microblogging.

Some people even consider Facebook’s status updates a form of microblogging, which I suppose is true if you keep your statuses short and sweet – and we all have that one friend who definitely doesn’t do that, right?


A photoblog is a blog that tells a story, shares experiences or just shares gorgeous scenery via photos – normally taken by the blogger.

WordPress, Blogger, Instagram and Tumblr are all commonly used platforms to photoblog with.

Companies engaging in social media may find running a photo blog might be useful to their endeavors – especially if they can share things via photos with little to no text.

A great photoblog, which includes text, is Humans of New York.


Vlog is short for video blog and Vlogging, naturally, is short for video blogging. Basically, instead of writing everything down, they instead do a video about it.

A great example – instead of me writing this post, I could do a video about vlogging and just link to it – but as I hate being on camera and much prefer video editing and being behind the camera, it’s not likely you will find me Vlogging, though I do often do video chats related to gaming (not WordPress or social media).

There are advantages and disadvantages to Vlogging. Like Blogging, it takes time and energy to build a following. Vlogging also requires you to look good and edit your video before posting it, while writing it may be quicker. While it still requires editing, it can happen quicker since you don’t have to process video.

Vlogging also can’t easily be done via WordPress. You can link to your vlogs from WordPress or embed them in posts if you saved them to YouTube or another video service that embeds in WordPress. You can use Plugins to display live streams as they happen as well, but it’s not easily doable with WordPress alone.

Wednesday Words are a series of definitions posted weekly on Wednesdays regarding a word or phrase related to WordPress or it may be a generic word dealing with websites in general. These definitions are to help provide you with a better understanding of common and uncommon terms associated with WordPress and websites. You can find all the Wednesday Words by clicking on the Wednesday Words tag below, or clicking on the Wednesday Words Category link in the right menu or clicking here. Wednesday Words will also be available in a glossary in the future.

Some of today’s blogging type words come from a former blog I wrote, found here.

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