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Tutorial Update: How to Schedule a Post

Tutorial Update: How to Schedule a Post

Today’s Tutorial is perhaps, by far, one of the most useful features WordPress has but I have discovered so few people use it. That feature is the scheduling a post feature.

The scheduling a post feature allows you to write posts ahead of time, then schedule them to go live at a certain time and date. This is great for people using an editorial calendar to plan posts out and schedule them. It’s also great for people who want to post regularly but know that real life may intervene and prevent them from writing and posting on a regular schedule. This allows you to write a post, or many posts, and schedule them in advance. Another thing it’s good for is if you know you will be on vacation and perhaps away from a computer or phone for a bit but want to keep your regular blog posts going.

No matter what the reason you have is for wanting to schedule a post, if you didn’t know you could do this, this might open a whole new world of planning ahead for you.

Fun fact: many of the posts on this site are written ahead of time then scheduled to come out on certain days so that I can plan weeks/months ahead outside of security posts that get posted manually each week.

Learn how easy it is to schedule a post by reading this beginner’s level tutorial here: How to Schedule a Post

We do hope you enjoy this post. If you have an item on WordPress that you think would make for a good tutorial or have questions about WordPress, please leave them as a reply to any article on this site.


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