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Tuesday Tips: You Can Always Change Your Mind

Tuesday Tips: You Can Always Change Your Mind

One of the nicest things about WordPress is that you can always change your mind and reverse what you are doing or go in a completely different direction.

Example 1:

You decided to go with and after a year you decide you need more flexibility than the free version provides and want to host it on your own webspace.

You can easily set up your new version of WordPress on your webserver and port over all of your content with the export and import tools.  From there, you get to redesign it how you like, then direct people from your old address to your new.

Example 2:

You installed a plugin and tried it out, but it wasn’t exactly what you were looking for – this is a very common occurance for me. Not a problem. Deactivate the plugin then you can either leave it installed or uninstall it through the Plugins interface and try something new in it’s place.

Example 3:

Don’t like the way a theme is set up and want to make minor tweaks to it? If you know HTML or don’t mind experimenting, you can create a child theme and alter it to your heart’s desire to get what you want. In many cases, if the theme is premium, they have forums telling you how to do common requested changes. Elegant Themes and RocketThemes are both great at helping people out and have easily searchable forums for members to use to alter their themes.

Or Example 4:

You’re bored with your current theme. Find a new theme, tweak it to how you want it to look and BAM new design to spice things up.

Nothing you do is ever permanent. Everything you do can be undone, changed or fixed to suit your needs – you just may need to look outside the box to accomplish it.

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