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Wednesday Words: hosted site

Wednesday Words: hosted site

There are two types of WordPress – self-hosted and hosted via Today we’re defining hosting. is a service provider which provides interested individuals with free and/or premium WordPress hosting. Unlike self-hosted, a free account with limits what you can or cannot do with WordPress. For example, with self-hosted you can chose from any number of free or premium themes. With the free account, you can only select from a certain number of free themes or purchase a one time use premium theme for your site. There are other limitations as well – such as no additional plugins other than what is already provided by  That being said – for anyone who is looking to start a blog, not looking to invest any money and wants updates and everything handled for them, the free account at might be the way to go. If you change your mind down the road, you can always port your site from hosting to your own server.

The premium option provides more options, but still has minor limitations. However, if you aren’t technologically savvy and don’t have a friend or relative who is that is willing to help you, premium WordPress might be for you.

It is also important to note you cannot monetize your sites (sell ads or have ads on it) via unless you have a certain hit count per month (this is true for Free Accounts not sure on paid).

All in all, is useful for several things – including plugins, like JetPack, associated with self-hosted WordPress sites. It’s also a great, free tool for anyone who wants to try WordPress out and start a blog before investing time and money into a server and going from there. My best advice for anyone considering a blog – start out with If you are doing well with it and want more control, consider upgrading or moving to your own servers.


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