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Tuesday Tips: Simplify Tasks with Plugins

Tuesday Tips: Simplify Tasks with Plugins

There are many tasks that can be simplified with Plugins. If you think something should be able to be done with a plugin, chances are others have thought this too and have created a plugin for whatever you are looking to do.

For example: if you want your blog posts to automatically post to several social media sites, there are several Plugins available to do this, including Jetpack.

Or if you want to add in the feature WordPress removed of being able to add spacing and borders around images, Advanced Image Styles will do this for you.

Perhaps you’re wanting to have rotating quotes in a widget area?  This can be done as well (there are several plugins for this one, a particular name doesn’t come to mind).

Want to make sure you have a mobile friendly version of your site?  Jetpack offers this as well.

Looking to be SEO-Friendly?  All-in-One-SEO and Yoast SEO both serve that purpose.

Need secure e-Commerce? WooCommerce can get you set up for that.

Basically, your best bet is to search for key words either through your WordPress install or via to see if there’s a plugin there to suit your needs. If that doesn’t work, google it – there may be paid plugins available to suit your purposes. And if none of that works, consider paying someone to create a custom plugin for you – it won’t be cheap, but you may be able to share profit selling that plugin with someone because if you need it, others will too.

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