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Saturday Sharing: RocketTheme

Saturday Sharing: RocketTheme

wphwotos-saturday-sharingAs this is the first post for this category, I want to explain Saturday Sharing a little bit.

Saturday Sharing will often contain links to product’s I’ve used or have used in the past as well as links to other WordPress related sites and videos. If I find something interesting and useful, I will share it. At first, there will only be one Saturday Sharing post a week, but as the blog grows there may be several.

Some Saturday Sharing posts will contain affiliate links. If they do, I will disclose that at the end of the article so that you, the reader, understands that I may receive some sort of kickback if you purchase the product.

RocketThemeToday I’m sharing RocketTheme. RocketTheme is a company that produces and supports premium themes for WordPress and other content management systems. They also have a few free themes and plugins. I have used premium RocketThemes for several of my client’s websites and for a couple of my own.

RocketTheme uses Gantry Template Framework for most, if not all of their themes. Many of their themes also come with “Rok” plugins for various things, including an interactive search tool, scroller and more.

RocketThemes are easily customizable and often come with many colors and modifications to chose from in addition to plugins you can download. RocketThemes also provides a demo setup to make it much easier to set up a site similar to their demos then tweak it how you like.

You can check out RocketThemes theme and plugins for WordPress here:

You can see a couple of the sites I have created with RocketThemes here:

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