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Launching WordPress How-Tos

Launching WordPress How-Tos

This has been a few years in the making. I had planned to launch this site last year in June and had started writing posts to that endeavor, but timelines clashed and ended up not working out, so I pushed it out to October 2015, then to January 2016, then March 2016 and then April. I tried to launch the site in Mayand I said “I’ve got to get this going and just start writing and scheduling posts.” So I wrote and scheduled posts just to have life intervene and prevent any more work on the site for quite some time other than archiving security posts from the year.

I decided with 2017 rolling around that I would get my butt back into gear and officially launch this, creating an editorial schedule, rescheduling the first posts I wrote for the blog to the next month and working on new blog posts so I can have some posts scheduled for weeks, and in some cases months, ahead of time.

The regular blog features include Tuesday Tips, where I provide a tip to help out with WordPress; Wednesday Words, where various words that are frequently heard in conjunction with WordPress are defined in laymen’s terms; Tutorial Features, where tutorials I have written are featured for that week; Plugin and Theme Reviews as well as Saturday Sharing where I share sites useful to WordPress that I have personally used.

As of this time, this site is a solo-endeavor. I am the only writer involved on the site which means everything coming out is coming out as I have time to do it. We have a small cache of guides which will be added to regularly.

I welcome questions and suggestions for plugins and themes to review. If you have any questions related to or feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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